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Nanotech Window Glass Developer Lands $55M in Venture Funds

Glass office building (Paul Bica/Flickr)Soladigm, a developer of energy-efficient office building window glass in Milpitas, California, secured $55 million in series D venture funding, the fourth financing cycle after initial start-up. The funding round, led by Reinet Investments and NanoDimension, join current investors DBL Investors, GE, Khosla Ventures, Navitas Capital, Sigma Partners, and The Westly Group.

Soladigm’s lead product, Dynamic Glass, harnesses electrochromic technology to transition from clear to tinted glass on demand. This capability, based on window coatings derived from nanotechnology, provides building owners with more control of heat and glare in buildings without obstructing views or blocking natural daylight.

The company says Dynamic Glass can cut heating, ventilation, and air conditioning energy usage by 25 to 30 percent in buildings, particularly during times of peak load. In tests conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory last year, Dynamic Glass met ASTM durability standards for electrochromic coatings on sealed insulating glass.

Investments in Soladigm now total $125 million. The company plans to use the proceeds from the latest rounds to advance its commercialization plans and expand into more international markets. Both leaders of the round, Reinet Investments and NanoDimension, are based in Europe. Weston Quasha, director at Reinet, and Aymeric Sallin, founder and CEO at NanoDimension, will join Soladigm’s board of directors.

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Image: Paul Bica/Flickr

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