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National Lab, Software Company Form Text Analysis Subsidiary

Supercomputer (kosheahan/Flickr)Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee formed a subsidiary with Professional Project Services (Pro2Serve), an engineering company in Oak Ridge, to provide text analysis services using software developed at the lab. The software, known as Piranha, performs high-volume document analysis for military and security users. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Piranha analyzes large volumes of documents using intelligent agents, software routines that learn from and adapt to the content they are analyzing. The software developers say Piranha can deploy many of these agents throughout large computer clusters, which enables the software to work much faster than traditional analytical techniques, and on large and dynamic document collections.

Piranha, say its developers, can find and group similar types of documents, such as similar news stories from various sources, and remove duplicate documents. The software can also find common themes and topics, based on small samples of representative documents. The technology has been used to find and arrest child predators and to uncover illegal activities.

The subsidiary, Global Security Information Analysts LLC, will license Piranha from Oak Ridge Lab, and employ subject-matter experts provided by Pro2Serve. The subject-matter experts will use the software to provide analytical services to clients, most likely defense and security agencies.

The Oak Ridge staff that wrote Pirana — Tom Potok, Robert Patton and Jim Treadwell — will continue their research and development of the software, interacting with the Global Security Information Analysts staff. “Having direct involvement of the scientists who developed the software,” says chairman and CEO of Pro2Serve Barry Goss, “will obviously help our subject matter experts more effectively apply the software to solve critical problems for our government clients.”

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Photo: kosheahan/Flickr

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