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Student Start-Up Company Develops Stroke Rehab App for iPad

Morgan Moe with StrokeLink app (Riley Brandt, University of Calgary)

Morgan Moe with StrokeLink app (Riley Brandt, University of Calgary)

Students at four universities in Canada developed an iPad application and started a company to help stroke survivors perform rehabilitation exercises at home. StrokeLink, the name of the company and the app, was part of the 2012 Next 36 program, a Canadian entrepreneurial accelerator for start-ups founded by undergraduates.

The StrokeLink app offers stroke patients an interactive multimedia rehabilitation program they can follow any time of the day at home. The program uses photos, videos, text, and audio descriptions of exercises that engage and guide stroke patients. The program also lets patients set achievement goals for rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, and independence, as well as measures daily progress toward those goals.

Morgan Moe (pictured right), one of the company’s founders and current chief information officer, received a bachelors degree this year from University of Calgary in kinesiology while developing the app and founding the company. Moe is also a licensed emergency medical technician in Calgary.

“Following a stroke, there are so many barriers and challenges that patients and their families face that we want to create a one-stop information hub,” says Moe. “Our hope is that everyone who suffers a stroke will download and use StrokeLink as they leave the hospital and get the information and tools they need to help them on their road to recovery.”

StrokeLink’s founders were selected to took part in the 2012 class of The Next 36, a competitive, 16-week accelerator program for start-up Canadian companies founded by undergraduates and developing mobile Web applications. The Next 36 provides intense business training and mentorship, as well as up to $80,000 in seed funding.

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