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Intel to Build New Oregon Plant, Upgrade U.S. Manufacturing

Intel Corporation said today it will invest between $6 to $8 billion on new manufacturing technology in its American facilities. The plan includes a new fabrication plant — called a “fab” in the industry — in Oregon.

As part of the plan, Intel will deploy a new 22-nanometer (nm) manufacturing process in several of its existing U.S. factories. The 22nm processors are expected to increase performance and power efficiency.

In addition to the new Hillsboro, Oregon fab — see image below — Intel says it will also upgrade four existing factories in Arizona. The manufacturing upgrades are expected to support 6,000 to 8,000 construction jobs and result in 800 to 1,000 new permanent high-tech jobs.

Intel says it generates about three-quarters of its revenues overseas, but maintains three-quarters of its microprocessor manufacturing in the United States. The manufacturing upgrades address the continued growth of the PC market — now shipping 1 million PCs a day — and newer markets for Intel, such as mobile and embedded computing.

Drawing of planned Intel plant (Intel Corp.)

Artist's drawing of planned Intel fab in Hillsboro Oregon (Intel corp.)

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