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Europe R&D Network Approves 2011 Funding Targets

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EUREKA, an intergovernmental consortium of European and neighboring organizations focused on research and development, approved funding €51 million ($US 70.4 million) for 56 new projects next year.

The projects were selected by EUREKA’s High Level Group Representatives and National Project Coordinators from 40 countries. The funded R&D projects covered the fields of electronics, IT and telecom; industrial technologies; renewable energy; biological sciences and technologies; chemistry, physical and exact sciences, and technologies for protecting man and the environment.

EUREKA also plans to launch a clean-tech initiative encouraging more project proposals on R&D cooperation in renewable energy, environmental, and water technologies.

EUREKA funds more than 300 collaborative projects annually in a variety of industries, totaling more than €1.5 billion. These industrial projects match up partners from two or more member countries, including small and medium-sized enterprises, large industry, and research institutes.

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