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Software Companies Integrate Cancer Analytics, Patient Mgmt

Carcinoid lung tumor

Carcinoid lung tumor (Yale Rose, Flickr)

26 May 2015. Two companies with software addressing different perspectives of cancer care agreed to offer an integrated version of their products. Flatiron Health in New York, a developer of cancer analytics, and Varian Medical Systems in Palo Alto, California, a provider of decision support software for cancer care, announced the deal today, but released no financial details.

Flatiron Health, in New York, provides data analytics for cancer research and therapeutics that the company says delve deeper into clinical experiences than most other systems based largely on data from insurance claims. Among the company’s offerings is OncoEMR, a cloud-based electronic health record designed for data related to cancer, in use at more than 200 cancer centers in the U.S., according to Flatiron.

The company says OncoEMR platform is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of cancer diagnostic and treatment strategies. In an agreement announced last week, Via Oncology, a provider of software supporting evidence-based cancer treatments, said it would combine its Via Pathways product with OncoEMR to better monitor adherence with evidence-based practices. In another agreement released this month, National Comprehensive Cancer Network said it would integrate its software outlining best practices for administering cancer treatments known as chemotherapy order templates — which include immunotherapies and supportive care agents — into OncoEMR.

Varian Medical Systems is making available OncoEMR to its customers, and later in the year will make data from its Aria oncology information system interoperable with OncoEMR. The Aria information system is an outgrowth the company’s original focus on X-ray and radiological technologies for medical and non-medical applications, including cargo screening.

Varian says some 3,800 cancer centers worldwide use the Aria system that combines radiological images with data from all stages of cancer care, including diagnosis and treatment, as well as post-treatment and survivorship issues. The system, says the company, aims to provide health care professionals and cancer patients with the tools to make better cancer care decisions.

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