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Say Hello to HelloToken

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(Eviatar Bach, Wikimedia Commons)

25 May 2016. Science & Enterprise, as regular visitors know, is a business and science news blog that tries to make the visiting experience both professional and productive. We’re also a business enterprise, and need to generate income to support our work. We’re starting a feature on Science & Enterprise that we believe will add to our income, while respecting the visitors’ time and intelligence.

The new feature is HelloToken, provided by a start-up enterprise of the same name spun-off from Harvard University. HelloToken  presents brief one-question surveys from sponsors as you join Science & Enterprise. After you choose an answer, the question disappears. That’s it. Questions are unobtrusive and multiple choice; just make your choice.

You can opt out from answering by clicking off the question, but by responding you help keep Science & Enterprise freely available. As part of the deal, we will remove much of our current advertising on posts and pages.

By the way, HelloToken incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab or i-Lab, an entrepreneurial center on campus. We reported on i-Lab’s opening in 2011, and just last week told about an i-Lab spin-off enterprise developing diagnostics for HIV infection.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Let us know your comments, pro or con, at

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