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Who Is Really Behind Efforts to Block the Medical Marijuana Industry?

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20 December 2016. All around the globe, nations are moving closer to legalize medical marijuana as a safer alternative to chemical pharmaceuticals. Proponents of medical marijuana believe that they are safer smoking or ingesting cannabinoids than they are taking prescription drugs that carry warning after warning about potential side effects, many of which are lethal.

Marijuana plant

(Angie3888, Pixabay)

Some pharmaceuticals are proven to cause side effects far worse than the conditions they are meant to be treating. These dangers include organ failure and death in many cases, which makes consumers extremely uneasy, and many simply refuse to take those drugs. But if there is a natural alternative that is actually effective and much safer, who is behind trying to block the medical marijuana industry?

Big Pharma Pays Out Big Money in Their Anti-Pot Campaign

It should come as no surprise that big pharma is behind much of the efforts to block the marijuana industry in its attempt to provide for medical cannabis, which is a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. It has been proven that big pharma has literally funnelled tens of millions of dollars into television commercials, radio ads, internet campaigns and any number of efforts to try to block the industry from growing.

It’s logical if you think about all the revenue they will fail to realise if cannabis can be purchased at any corner dispensary, cannabis that is infinitely safer than pharmaceuticals and proven to be just as effective in combatting such things as seizures, pain and nausea. Whereas some pharmaceuticals cost as much as $100 (or more!) for a single pill, $5 or less could treat the same symptoms and treat them naturally.

Big Pharma Isn’t Alone in Their Efforts

So yes, it stands to reason that big pharma would want to put a lid on an industry that would not only be in direct competition with them, but also beat them at their own game. There is potential for the medical marijuana industry to literally own the market for pain relief, sedation, anti-spasmodic and other conditions that to date, big pharma has made trillions from. But the big pharmaceutical companies are not alone in their efforts.

Progress Won’t Be Stopped

Recent elections in the United States saw more states legalizing recreational cannabis and this is where another giant industry has stepped in to join the fight against MMJ. Now the big liquor companies are in the midst of the foray as they see their profits slipping away as well. They have begun funding anti-pot campaigns and as efforts steep up, it seems like resistance also increases. More states have gone recreational and again, one joint is so much cheaper even than a cocktail or beer at a local club and also so much safer as well.

The medical marijuana industry is not going anywhere but up, and that is what has big pharma and the leading alcohol companies alarmed. Once MMJ is legalized for recreational use as well, those industries will lose billions annually. It stands to reason that they would rather spend a few million now to prevent much greater losses in the future, but they should realize they are whipping a dead horse. The medical marijuana industry is growing by the day, with many new businesses starting up, and they will eventually bypass many pharmaceuticals. If you are looking to find who’s behind trying to block the MMJ industry, just look at who stands to lose the most and you’ll have your answer.

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