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How Tech Is Changing Business Processes For Good

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25 May 2017. Whether your business has a physical store front or not; it’s more than likely to have an online presence. If you’re selling products or offering a service; it’s vital to stay up-to-date with your digital technology, which will ensure that you’re making the most of the business tech available, for you and your consumers.

Targeted marketing

You want your customers to be thinking about your company, even when they’re not on your website, or within your business space. Therefore, it’s important to be reaching them through specific, targeting marketing on a regular basis. Collating their contact details before, and during a purchase will ensure you have a way to reach them through an EDM, which can be tailored to what their shopping habits are, or their age group, and, more specifically, special offers on their birthday. By curating your customer’s details, and using them to send them personalized campaigns, will change how they see you and build customer trust and reassurance, through digital technology.

Once a customer is on your website, and looking at particular products; the technology is available to provide the patron with pop-ups of similar items, ensuring they will be less tempted to leave and look elsewhere. If they do leave, you have the ability to continue to show them your wares through specified ad spaces on pop-ups as they navigate through different websites. Technology allows you to stay ever-present in a consumer’s mind, which will keep drawing them back to your brand.

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Consumer experience

Traditional methods of shopping and paying for services have changed with technology; people are using cash less often, and the introduction of paying by scanning your credit or debit card, is starting to remove the need for pin numbers. Digital technology, particularly apps, are starting to quicken the pace of gaining customer’s payment details, and any identity verification a company may need. Both customers and businesses are embracing these speedy changes, and it won’t be long before the new tech is what people expect and identify as a service.

By using fingerprints, smartphone scanning, and facial recognition; business processes are becoming quicker and more secure. Therefore, the new tech has a positive influence on a customer’s experience with your brand, as they will have saved valuable time, and will begin to recommend you as a trusted company.

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Communication and care

If your business is solely based online; it’s important that the care and communication you provide to your patrons is friendly and easy to access. You need to be available to answer any queries, help them to make decisions by providing the correct information, and encourage them to invest their money with you. Technology means that now, you can be ever-present on whatever web page your customer is browsing on.

As soon as somebody visits your site, a pop-up and call-to-action should appear, so the customer knows that with one click they can engage in a helpful conversation within certain hours. If browsing out of hours, the consumer still needs to feel that communication and customer care is only a click away; so pop-up tabs can be used to email immediately also. For more information on the importance of online customer care, take a look here:

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