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Getting Your Voice Heard Online

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25 May 2017. We all know that the internet is vast – but very few of us have a concept of just how huge it is. Since it was invented in 1994 it has expanded into the multi-faceted network we know it as today, and it is also suggested that the websites we can access freely are only a mere snapshot of everything that is actually out there. With all this in mind, it is clear that the online world is a pretty saturated one, with many companies vying for the attentions of the same customers. As internet users have such short attention spans, you have a mere few seconds to grab their attention with your online presence before they get bored and move onto one of your competitors. Therefore it is integral that you have a visibly strong brand on the Internet that clearly states who you are and what it is you do. So how exactly do you create such a presence? Read on to find out.

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Utilize the necessary platforms

If only one result comes up when you type your business’s name into a search engine, you are probably missing a trick there. Sure, you need a website or a landing page – but you also need to be linked up to all the necessary social media too. Social media is where customers come to interact with your brand, and you should make it your priority to create a narrative of sorts if you can. Spend some time putting your various profiles together, and then cross-reference them against each other. Remember that there should be clear brand continuity across all these facets, so make sure all your pictures, text and tone of voice are in line with each other.

Don’t neglect your SEO

So you might have a great looking website and some really innovative social media pages at your disposal – but what is the point in any of that if no one is looking at them? Sometimes, good content simply isn’t enough to pull people in (as unfair as that might seem). You will also need to be Internet savvy and follow this link to learn more about how search engine optimization can benefit your online presence. It might sound intimidating at first, especially if you are a bit of a technophobe. But in reality, there are plenty of tools that can help even the most novice users get themselves noticed online.

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Convert visitors into customers

You may get a number of people passing through your website, unsure if they are going to invest in what it is you are providing. When they are already looking at your site this is your chance to pounce – so to speak. You need make it as easy as possible to secure a sale, using techniques such as a compelling call to action and a fuss-free ecommerce platform. Remember that the average client is typically unwilling to part with their money unless it is for a good reason, so you need to egg them on at every opportunity into interact with your brand.

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