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Why On The Go Is Where Your Business Might Thrive

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30 June 2017. For those who don’t like it, the traditional model of doing business is less and less becoming the norm. One of the ways it’s making room for is a method of business that isn’t all that new. Tradesmen and the like have been doing business on the go for a long time now. Not only can they benefit from some of the tips below, but all kinds of service providers might find that the road is where they really thrive.

Driver with sunglasses

(Unsplash, Pexels)

Keep in touch

Even if you’re on the road, not everyone you’re involved with is going to be. For one, you might well have an office full of employees who are much more stationary. You have to also consider the clients that you need to keep in touch with. Communicative technology, such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and social media can make it a lot easier to keep in touch on the road. Just make sure that you also have signal boosting add-ons for your digital devices so you’re rarely completely out of touch.

Keep your mind on the prize

With less traditional work environments comes a less traditional mindset for work. A lot of people are productive and effective in offices simply because that’s what their brain associates the space with. When you’re on your own and on the road, you have to rededicate yourself to doing your work. Time management and productivity apps can make it a lot easier to make sure that you’re doing the work you should be. Don’t get caught up in the distractions of the outside world. Get your head in the game.

Woman on phone in a cafe

(Chevanon Photography, Pexels)

Keep things simple

Running a business on the go also brings up a few barriers. Some of those barriers are what made it impossible in the past so now it’s obvious we’ve found ways around them. To make it convenient for customers to pay, for instance, there are mPOS technologies that allow you to accept card payments through the phone. Make sure you always prepare before a journey, budgeting any resources you need so that you’re not caught off guard and leaving customers and clients waiting for you to arrive, as well.

Keep your stuff safe

A lot of the work we do is now done digitally. We have reams of data and documents that we use to do our work, track our progress, and know our customers. When you don’t have these on hand, it can feel like you’re out swimming at sea without a life raft. To avoid that, make sure that you don’t keep all that digital information on one device. Phones, tablets, and laptops fail all the time. Use backup services to keep your data safe as well as extra hard drives. You need at least two copies of everything in case one backup goes down.

Working on the go isn’t for everyone. Isolation is a risk, as is fatigue from travel and having no real office of your own. But for those that can handle it, the possibilities of hitting new locations and new markets can more than make up for it.

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