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Are Your Company’s Office Conditions Holding Your Business Back?

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22 August 2017. There are enough factors that could derail your business: the last thing you want is for your company to be compromised by something that is entirely avoidable. While most business owners have more pressing things to think about than the cleanliness and spaciousness of their facilities, the facts show that it’s something they need to be paying attention to. A survey conducted in 2015 found that workers in disorganized offices were up to 72 percent less productive than those who worked in tidy offices. No company, no matter how big they are, can afford to be losing out on 72 percent of potential work. Below, we take a look at ways you can sort out your office and boost your workforce.

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Nobody notices that space is becoming cluttered. It happens slowly, and it’s only when you’re trying to find what’s wrong with your office space that you realize you’ve just got too much stuff in there. Earmark anything that doesn’t have to be onsite on a daily basis, as well as those things that can be discarded altogether. You’ll likely have collected items that over the course of several years in your office that have no bearing on your company anymore.

Make the most of storage

If you haven’t yet made the switch to being a paperless company yet, you’ll likely have boxes of documents lying around the office. You might also have equipment and extra tables and chairs that you only use when you have business visitors. These things don’t have to be onsite at all times. Have a look at storage options near to your facility. You’ll be able to retrieve the items whenever you need them, but they’ll crucially be kept out of everyone’s way when you don’t!

Add extra space

If you have space, then why not add an extra building to your office premises? The cost to erect a 50×100 metal building is affordable and can provide you with some much-needed extra storage or office space. They’re also easy to assemble, and once they’re up, you’ll have a storage unit located right next to your primary place of business, or you can dedicate the space for one of the teams within your organization to work in.

Feng shui

As well as tidying and decluttering, you’ll notice an increase in employee productivity and engagement of you adopt the feng shui approach to your office. To do this, you’ll need to think about where and how you’re arranging your desks, select the right colors, and harmonize the room, with stress relievers placed around the room too. There’s an art to this, so read up on the philosophy.

Fewer people, more space

Too many cooks spoil the broth. If your office is overcrowded, but you can’t currently do anything about it, then consider adopting flexible hour practices for your employees. That way, you’ll avoid the office being jammed all the day – and you’ll also increase employee happiness and productivity, too. Remote working will also have the same effect.

Don’t let your office take control of your company; take control of your office!

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