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Developing Your Online Platform? Here’s How

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24 August 2017. Whether you are a business, a person, or building a brand, your online platform is necessary in for the modern world. We are living in a fast-paced digital commodity where more technology related items and software are being released almost daily. More people are wanting tech advances, and because of the demand, things are advancing at a rapid rate. So it is now more important than ever to have your own online platform for advertisements and marketing purposes. But where do you really begin? What are the important factors? I thought I would share with you just how you can develop your online platform, giving you that springboard step into the digital world for you or your business.

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Your platform starts with your website

A website is that basic thing that everyone who has their own brand or business needs. I’m not sure anyone can really last the digital age without it, even if it is just one landing page with general information about who you are and what you are about. It’s your basic online platform, and you should have at least something that points directly to you and your business. Your domain choice, in theory, should be your name or company name, and as long as you have something on there, you can always fill it out with blogs and other pages at a later date.

What about applications?

Smartphone applications seem to be the logical next step for some business, making it easier than ever for the consumer to purchase products or service, and gain relevant information about the company or the brand. However, there is much to do with the development and process of building an application. So it may be worth reading this guide at all about software processes and life cycles or different development options. Once developed, you may even want to think about getting it tested before launching to the general public.

Mailing lists

Did you know that email can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of building an audience? Which is why a mailing list could be crucial to your success. You can merge it with your current website easily with software options like Mailchimp. It can then mean that any new content you upload will go directly to your readership and audience, encouraging them to click through to your site.

Social media interface and marketing

Finally, social media is a great form of advertising and can be one of the most diverse ways you can do it. A free page on websites like Facebook or Instagram means that you can share content, your latest publications and even the offers you may have. Sharing engaging content encourages people to share your page and website, which predominantly can be turned into website clicks and a great audience of customers. You could also join conversations with others and run competitions to encourage engagement on your pages.

I hope these tips help you to develop your online platform.

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