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Challenge Seeks Process for Low-Abundance Protein Measures

Test tubes (Håkan Dahlström/Flickr)A challenge at InnoCentive seeks a sample processing technology or process that will reduce the concentration of high-abundance proteins in serum and plasma samples. The competition has a prize of $30,000 and requires a written proposal. The deadline for entries is 1 October 2011.

InnoCentive in Waltham, Massachusetts is a company the conducts open-innovation crowd-sourcing competitions for corporate and organization sponsors. The sponsor of this challenge is not identified.

Research on biological signaling or pathology mechanisms, as well as disease markers, requires precise detection and quantification of low-abundance proteins in serum and plasma samples from lab animals or humans. However, these plasma and serum samples also often have high concentrations of many proteins that mask changes in concentration of those in lower abundance.

The sponsor of this challenge requires a new technology or process that will reduce or eliminate the concentration of high abundance proteins so that lower-abundance proteins can be accurately detected and quantified. Recent peer-reviewed publications have identified mass spectrometry and nanomagnetic assays as potential technologies for the quantification of low-abundance proteins.

Proposals submitted to InnoCentive will be reviewed by the sponsor. Winning entries will be asked to grant the sponsor a non-exclusive license to practice their solutions.

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Photo: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr

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