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Roche to Build Canadian Pharmaceutical Development Center

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Roche Canada, a division of the global drug company based in Switzerland, says it will build a new pharmaceutical development center at its current site in Mississauga, Ontario near Toronto. The new center, says Roche, involves an investment of $190 million over the next five years, and will add 200 skilled staff.

The new center — one of six such facilities worldwide — is expected to manage Roche’s clinical trial, data management, and regulatory functions initially for Canada and later for other countries. The company says Canada is an established part of the network for clinical trial recruitment, with more than 100 clinical trials currently underway, involving more than 3,000 patients.

Roche says it chose Ontario for the site because of the province’s educated workforce, and a favorable business environment that places a high priority on life sciences. The project is supported by a $7.79 million investment from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The first positions at the new center have been filled, says Roche, but more hires are expected later in the year as renovations begin at the Mississauga site.

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