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Illumina, University of North Texas to Partner on Forensics

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Illumina Inc. in San Diego and University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth will collaborate on several forensics projects using Illumina’s genetic sequencing technologies. The partnership will involve the university’s Center for Human Identification and its Department of Forensic and Investigative Genetics.

The collaboration is expected to cover research, development, and implementation of assays for forensic identification using Illumina’s sequencing systems. The projects in the agreement include studies on genetic markers for human identity testing, pharmacogenetics for molecular autopsy, microbial forensics, and additional markers and methods to generate investigative leads in criminal cases and national security matters.

The university’s Center for Human Identification has both an academic department and an accredited forensic laboratory in Fort Worth.  Its Forensics Division conducts forensic testing on sexual assault, homicide, property crime, and criminal paternity cases. The center provides DNA testing and serology screening to Texas law enforcement agencies for free.

Illumina develops systems for genetic analysis. The company offers stand-alone and turnkey systems, as well as components, software, and networked applications.

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