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U.S. Patent Issued for Stem Cell Wound Care Technology

Stem Cells (NSF)

Stem Cells (National Science Foundation)

Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc. in San Diego has been granted a patent for its scaffolding technology based on adult stem cells used in healing wounds. Patent number 8,105,380 was awarded to Ludmilla and Alex Kharazi, Stemedica’s senior scientist and chief technology officer respectively, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 31 January 2012.

The patent covers Stemedica’s process for building a scaffold seeded with mesenchymal stem cells — those that transform into multiple cell types — and ectodermal or outer skin cells in a sandwich-like array. The scaffold provides a form for regenerating tissue, particularly for healing severely damaged tissue found in burns and wounds.

The company’s technology includes a biodegradable layer that enhances tissue growth and delivery of cytokines — proteins that encourage cell signaling and respond to infections — and a non-absorbable biological bandage layer that encourages closure of the broken skin. The scaffold is designed to mimic human skin and suitable for transplantation.

Stemedica is a licensed manufacturer of adult stem cells for pre-clinical research and clinical trials. The company is involved in a phase 1-2 clinical study of bone marrow stem cells to treat ischemic stroke, where blood to the brain is blocked. Stemedica is also conducting pre-clinical research in the use of neural stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries.

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