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Computer-Vision System Unveiled for Auto Collision Avoidance

Rain on windshield, on a bridge (Bob Jagendorf/Flickr)Mobileye N.V., a developer of vision-based collision prevention systems in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, released its Mobileye C2-270 system featuring the EyeQ2 vision chip that detects pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, and lane markings. The company says this device can saves lives by alerting and prompting drivers in the critical seconds before a collision occurs.

The company says its C2-270’s camera, mounted behind the windshield of the car, constantly monitors the road in front of the vehicle while the car is in motion. The camera is connected to the EyeQ2 processor and a display unit visible to the driver. If the camera spots a danger in the way, the display will flash bright color-coded icons and sound a warning to alert the driver up to 2.7 seconds before impact.

Mobileye says the C2-270 system can identify pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. Added to other Mobileye systems, the system also can warn the driver of unintended lane departure warnings, and insufficient distance-keeping.

Photo: Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

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