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Challenge Seeks Molecular Composition Tool for Electronics

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A new challenge from InnoCentive calls for a technology to determine the chemical composition of everyday electronic devices. This “ideation” challenge — one looking for a breakthrough idea —  has a total prize fund of $8,000 and a deadline of 20 March 2012 for submissions.

InnoCentive in Waltham, Massachusetts is a company the conducts open-innovation, crowd-sourcing competitions for corporate and organization sponsors. The sponsor of this challenge is not identified.

The challenge seeks ideas and concepts that can lead to a “molecular bill of materials” for electronic products and components. Understanding the chemical make-up of electronic devices is important for the users’ safety and understanding the environmental costs of manufacturing, recycling, and disposal of those devices. Lack of information on specific materials metals, resins, and hazardous compounds is considered a barrier to efficient recycling or reuse.

The sponsor will review all submissions. All participants that submit a proposal will be notified on the status of their submissions, but no detailed evaluation of individual submissions will be provided.

The challenge’s total prize fund is $8,000, with one entry receiving at least $5,000, and no awards less than $1,000. Participants are not required to transfer exclusive intellectual property rights to the sponsor.  By submitting a proposal, however, participants grant to the sponsor a royalty-free, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to use any information included in their proposals.

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