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Solar Powered Water Purifier Developed for Disaster Relief

Spectra Watermakers Inc. in San Rafael, California, in collaboration with Trunz Water Systems, a Swiss company, has developed a self-contained water purification unit that can meet the needs of disaster relief efforts, such as those now in action in Pakistan.

The Solar Container, as the unit is called, is powered by renewable solar or wind energy and can produce over 8,000 gallons of virus-free drinking water per day. It operates without generator or fuel which eliminates follow-up logistical attention during emergencies. Spectra Watermakers says the Solar Container’s photovoltaic solar panels charge the water purifier’s 24 volt batteries, which can also produce enough excess energy to charge communication equipment.

The company’s water purification technology is built on a reverse-osmosis technology, which is the basis for its Spectra Pearson pump, that reduces the power needed for desalination. The Solar Container works by placing the pump into a brackish or saltwater source. The water is then pumped through a series of filters to remove large matter. At that point, the water is filtered through eight reverse osmosis membranes that purify the water at an ionic level, eliminating bacteria, viruses, salts, and dangerous chemicals.

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