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Yom Kippur 5783


Regular posting will resume tomorrow, Thursday, 6 Oct. . . . → Read More: Yom Kippur 5783

Rosh Hashanah 5783

Harvesting apples

Science and Enterprise is taking off today to observe Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. . . . → Read More: Rosh Hashanah 5783

Taking a Break

NPC photo exhibit logo

I’m again organizing the annual photography exhibit at National Press Club that appears in the Club’s main lobby during the month of September. . . . → Read More: Taking a Break

Fourth of July 2022

Neighborhood fireworks

Today is the U.S. national day, or Independence Day, celebrated on 4 July. . . . → Read More: Fourth of July 2022

An Ultimate Guide to Engineering Consulting Firms

We shall discuss the benefits of using the services of experienced engineering consultants in this article. . . . → Read More: An Ultimate Guide to Engineering Consulting Firms

Taking a Break

Oyster catchers

We’re taking a few days off at Science & Enterprise. Our regular editorial posting will resume on Monday, 13 June. . . . → Read More: Taking a Break

Memorial Day, 2022

Arlington Cemetery

We’ll resume our editorial posting tomorrow. . . . → Read More: Memorial Day, 2022

Post removed

Sponsored post removed for non-payment.

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Photography Project Today

Camera lens

I had photographic assignment with tight deadlines that took up most of the day, so we’ll not have new story today on Science & Enterprise. . . . → Read More: Photography Project Today

Infographic – We Stand with Ukraine

Ukraine graphic

We stand with Ukraine. . . . → Read More: Infographic – We Stand with Ukraine