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Top 10 Science Business Stories for 2012

Yonas Tadesse (University of Texas at Dallas)

Yonas Tadesse (University of Texas at Dallas)

We continue our David Letterman-style practice of posting a top 10 list of the most visited stories for the recently completed year. In 2012, Science Business received some 64,000 visits from 54,200 unique visitors, increases of 49 and 46 percent respectively compared to 2011. We are most humbled and grateful for your time and attention.

And now on to the top 10 countdown …

10. Solar Cells Built to Power Portable Devices in Low Light. 11 October 2012. Researchers at University of Warwick and Molecular Solar Ltd., created an organic solar cell that recharges a lithium-ion battery directly and in partial shade.

9. Student Start-Up Company Develops Stroke Rehab App for iPad. 2 October 2012. Students at four universities in Canada developed an iPad application and started a company to help stroke survivors perform rehabilitation exercises at home.

8. Boron Added to Carbon Nanotubes Produce Super Oil Sponge. 16 April 2012. Materials scientists at Rice University in Houston devised a material that can absorb large quantities of oil by adding the element boron to carbon nanotubes; see video below for a demonstration of the material.

7. Trial Tests Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor in Surgery Patients. 1 August 2012. Echo Therapeutics Inc. says a clinical trial shows the accuracy of its non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring system with 15 surgical patients.

6. Unilever Launches Open Innovation Initiative. 20 March 2012. The consumer goods manufacturer Unilever unveiled today its open innovation program seeking ideas for new products and technologies from the public at large.


5. New Process Speeds Multiple Sclerosis Treatment to Trial. 14 June 2012. The Myelin Repair Foundation says its research has moved to clinical trial stage faster than expected due to a model that accelerates the research process.

4. First Wave Energy Device Connected to Power Grid. 28 September 2010. A perennial favorite on Science Business, Ocean Power Technologies in Pennington, New Jersey, says it completed the first-ever grid connection of a wave energy device in the United States at Marine Corps Base Hawaii on Oahu.

3. Non-Narcotic Natural Pain Killer Synthesized. 24 May 2011. Another holdover from last year, scientists from the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida synthesized a rare natural product isolated from the bark of a plant widely used in traditional medicine, that has potential as a non-narcotic pain killer.

2. New Treatment Fixes Tooth Decay Without Drilling. 24 August 2011. One more favorite from last year, researchers at University of Leeds in the U.K. developed a way of treating dental decay that reverses the damage caused by acid and re-builds teeth, without drilling.

1. Robot Jellyfish Runs on Hydrogen, Oxygen in Water. 23 March 2012. Researchers at University of Texas at Dallas and Virginia Tech, led by Dallas’s Yonas Tadesse (pictured at top)  developed an undersea vehicle inspired by the jellyfish that runs on hydrogen and oxygen.

Science Business will resume its regular posting tomorrow. Best wishes for 2013.

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