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Space Company Launches European Comm. Satellite

Artist view of Eutelsat Ka-Sat (Astrium)

Artist view of Eutelsat Ka-Sat (Astrium)

International Launch Services (ILS), a commercial space services company, launched the Ka-Sat satellite (pictured left) to orbit for Eutelsat Communications of France on an ILS Proton rocket from its facility at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazahkstan. After a nine-hour mission, the KA-SAT was released into a geostationary transfer orbit.

The Proton Breeze M vehicle used in this mission is built by Khrunichev Space Center of Moscow, ILS’s majority owner. ILS says the Proton launch vehicle has a record of 363 missions since its maiden flight in 1965.

The 6,150 kg KA-SAT satellite was built on the Eurostar E3000 platform by Astrium, the space systems subsidiary of EADS, and has a 15 year life expectancy. The satellite is expected to provide high-speed broadband Internet connectivity to customers in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

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