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How to Combat the Major Health Threats Today’s Entrepreneurs Commonly Face

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Stethoscope and iPhone


10 July 2017. Entrepreneurs represent a group that’s much more likely to fall prey to medical problems versus the general public.

Think about it. Those running their own businesses develop a myriad of health issues as they…

  • Put their company before their personal well-being
  • Keep so busy that they miss their doctor’s appointments and regular check-ups: many entrepreneurs don’t realize they they’re ill until they’re facing severe symptoms
  • Maintain a lifestyle that’s not conducive to healthy living (think: high-stress company roles or facing stressful situations that result in late nights and little rest)

Regardless of your company, it’s crucial to keep up with your health and medications for the sake yourself and your business. Despite the rising cost of healthcare, price shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to choosing between sickness and health. That’s why sites such as SingleCare are must-visits to find ways to save on your maintenance medications for the long-term.

But what else can you do for yourself beyond your prescriptions?

Managing high blood pressure and heart disease

The stereotypical “stuck at your desk” lifestyle of a busy businessperson is not good news for your blood pressure or heart health. Having fewer opportunities to move spells bad news for your heart and waistline alike. Meanwhile, the more time you spend stressing out about your bottom line, the more likely you are to deal with higher blood pressure.

Wrangling these issues requires a three-pronged approach to changing your eating habits, day-to-day physical activity level and stress triggers. From cutting back on workday lunches to making a point to do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes daily (biking, walking or jogging, for example) you’ll feel totally transformed over time.

Acknowledging depression and anxiety

There’s little else that needs to be said about depression and anxiety other than many people fail to accept that they might be impacted until they’re knee-deep in trouble. Considering that most entrepreneurs face mental health issues, it never hurts to take the time to talk to a psychologist or seek therapy if your mental state is impacting your personal or professional relationships.

Avoiding insomnia and sleep problems

Don’t romanticize the world of all-nighters and coffee-fueled work-a-thons. Not getting enough sleep not only makes all of the conditions mentioned here worse, but ultimately impacts your ability to focus. If you’ve been unable to catch enough Z’s lately, tone down your caffeine intake and make it a point to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per tonight regardless of your workload.

Battling back problems

Sitting disease is a real problem that impacts those who embrace the worker-bee way of life. High-quality chairs and standing desks are sold investments for those who feel tightness in their back after a long day of work.

Meanwhile, those who are lucky enough not to have such problems yet should go ahead and start doing daily yoga stretches and mind their posture to decrease their likelihood of such problems in the future.

Handling headaches

Finally, headaches are often symptoms of “all of the above” regarding your general health. Feeling overwhelmed at work? Problem clients aren’t letting you get a wink of sleep? Don’t be afraid to cut out literal and metaphorical headaches from your life so you can focus on what really matters.

Simply put, the best entrepreneur is a healthy one. Your health is too important to ignore: taking these precautions and putting yourself first is the best bet for both you and your business.

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