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Arizona Medical Marijuana Operators Merge to Create Super Dispensary

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17 July 2017. Two of the biggest medical marijuana operators in Arizona – Modern Flower and Harvest – have merged to create a super dispensary. This is an exciting development for patients seeking relief from a variety of serious medical afflictions.

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Harvest merges with Modern Flower

The new merger will enable Harvest to meet a growing market demand. Since it opened its doors four years ago, Harvest has become one of the leading dispensaries of medical marijuana in Arizona. The rise of online retailers selling products for both medical and recreational use all over the United States and Europe is nothing new, but with the state’s relaxation on laws pertaining to the cultivation and supply of medical marijuana, it has become possible for dispensaries to open brick and mortar stores to meet the demand for medical cannabis.

However, suppliers need to get the product from cultivators, so the merger between Harvest and Modern Flower, a local cultivator and wholesale supplier, is good news for customers all over the state.

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is the same as recreational marijuana. A marijuana plant contains a 100 or so chemicals called cannabinoids, but CBD and THC are the two main chemicals used to produce medical marijuana products. Demand for medical marijuana products has increased dramatically in recent years. News that cannabis can help treat the symptoms of serious medical conditions such as MS, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS has boosted its popularity and encouraged the US government to legalize the use of medical marijuana in some states. Cannabis-based drugs are often used to treat chronic pain in late-stage cancer patients and they have also been shown to be effective in treating PTSD.

Helping patients

Harvest is committed to helping patients across Arizona and beyond. Modern Flower is similarly committed, which is why the merger between the two businesses is so exciting. Indeed, the founder of Modern Flower, Jason Vedadi, has joined the team at Harvest, and in his new role as President, he will continue to ensure the company provides the products patients need to seek relief from debilitating conditions.

New jobs in Arizona

The new merger between Harvest and Modern Flower will bring a further 200 jobs to Arizona and expand a further six medical marijuana dispensaries under the Harvest umbrella. Modern Flower operates several large outdoor cultivation spaces in Arizona, so Harvest will be able to up production to meet increased patient demand. There are also additional dispensaries planned in four new cities, including Phoenix and Cottonwood, as well as a new dispensary on the I-10.

Harvest sets extremely high safety standards and is no back-street cannabis supplier. The company is committed to providing top quality products designed to help medically qualified patients. Plants are grown in controlled conditions and production of cannabis medications is monitored according to strict safety standards.

Patients can choose from a range of products when they shop at a Harvest medical marijuana dispensary. These include cannabis oil and cannabis flow, as well as vaporizer pens if you want to inhale medical cannabis in a safe environment.

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