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Tech Tools for Money Management

– Contributed content –

5 August 2017. Everyday activities are often made easier with the use of technology. Managing money is essential for both individuals and business owners, and having the right tools to do it can make a huge difference. A range of tech tools can be useful to help monitor money and grow monetary funds, whether it’s a household budget or business investments. Technology can make everything more transparent, it can make it easier to move money around, and it can help people to avoid making costly mistakes. Here are some of the tech tools that make more management more achievable.

Money management software

If you have an admin task to do, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find the right piece of software to do it. Various software for managing money can make it easier to do your household budget or to work out projections for your business. Tools like Quicken can be extremely useful, helping to bring together multiple accounts so that everything is available to see in one place. From checking accounts to credit cards, you can see all the money that goes in and out of every resource you use. Quicken Premier and similar tools can also help with tracking investments.

American currency graphic

(3dman-eu, Pixabay)


For some people, digital currencies like Bitcoin might not sound very useful. However, for others, they do have their uses, especially in an increasingly online world. Bitcoin can be used in a number of ways, such as making anonymous transactions or international purchases. While it’s possible to create Bitcoin by “mining” it, you can also buy Bitcoin online, which is a much quicker way of obtaining it. If you buy it at the right time, it could soon grow in value so you can make money from it. However, you might want to use it, benefiting from the speed of transactions using Bitcoin, among other things.

Online banking

Online banking capabilities are an interesting tool. Many banks in the US now offer them, but they can have very different functions available. If you compare internet banking in the US to other countries, the US can seem a little behind. Whereas people in other countries routinely receive their salary electronically and pay for many things, including rent, automatically too, the US still relies on written checks for many transactions. When online payments are available, they often cost money – in other countries, they’re usually free. Online banking options are getting better, but you need to choose your bank carefully.

Specific tools

While general money management tools are useful, you often need something that does a specific job. If you have a special expense or investment to watch over, you can probably find a tech tool to help. You can get tools that help you manage child support payments, for example. The internet also makes it easier to access the kind of financial advice you need, no matter how specific your problem is. You can find someone to give you the advice you need, even if they’re halfway across the country.

Technology makes money management more simple for businesses and individuals alike. New tech is emerging all the time too, so there are always new tools to try.

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