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Going Green With Your Science Biz

– Contributed content –

Solar panels

(AleSpa, Wikimedia Commons)

1 September 2017. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, think about going green. Science and research facilities are born to take discovery and environmental advances to the next level and you can absolutely be a part of that. There is a growing trend among entrepreneurs to go green and starting a business that’s eco-friendly is the first step toward success. However, it can be quite difficult to know where you should get started with your business changes.

Being eco-friendly isn’t just about commercial recycling and using the right energy light bulbs. There are many things your science business can do to ensure you are practicing what you preach as an environmentally-friendly business. Going green helps your bottom line as a business and the following steps are simple enough that your company can take them on board today and decrease the impact that you have on the planet as a whole.

Recycling station

(U.S. Air Force)

  • Switch To PCW (post-consumer waste). Where you can as a company, swap things around and stop using paper. Not every business can make this possible, but reduction of paper processes can help your business become eco-friendlier. If you absolutely must use paper for your company, going with brands like these for your paper needs will be a help.
  • Upgrade equipment. As a business, you’ll likely be keeping an eye on the changes and upgrades in technology for the equipment that you use. If you have older equipment, it’s probably not as environmentally friendly as it was at the beginning of their usage. Always splurge out for the environmental savings you could make as in the long run, your company and the planet will benefit.
  • Alternate power. If your company is research based and therefore running a lot of machinery and lights, think about another way you can power your business. Solar paneling like this on an industrial building is going to help you go a long way. Using renewable energy sources won’t just be good for the planet, but for your business budget.
  • Recycle. Of course, going green isn’t just about recycling materials where you can, but it certainly does help! Shop around for second hand furnishings and consider using companies to recycle materials other than paper.
  • Web hosting. Whether your business is science based or not, you’ll likely still be online. If this is the case, you should start looking into green web hosting. These companies take part in more than one activity to do with being environmentally sound; they also plant trees and buy carbon offsets. These help to reduce the cost of running servers, as they are using an environmentally friendly way to do it!

You can save your company thousands by simply making switches and make yourself more attractive to eco-friendly clients. As a company specializing in research, you have a duty to ensure you are being as eco-friendly as possible, and this requires you to do research and understand how you can make positive changes.

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