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Psychology In Law: How Important Is An Online Presence For A Modern Law Firm?

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9 November 2017. Statistics show that legal cases are steadily on the rise in many different aspects of modern law. Whether it’s related to family disputes, business matters, or personal injuries doesn’t matter. There is no question that the modern law firms are blessed with a potentially very rewarding environment. Having said that, there is an increased level of competition too. This is why all companies in this field must utilize all weapons at their disposal.

Online resources are still a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of things, especially for a modern law firm. However, there’s no doubt that they have a role to play in the battle for clients. So, just how significant is that role? Let’s take a closer look.

Visibility and awareness

The internet has enabled people to become incredibly lazy, especially when it comes to finding professional help. There is no longer a need to walk or drive around the city looking at the different local businesses, so very few people do. Instead, they tend to do the bulk of their research online, even if it’s just to build a shortlist of attorney candidates.

As such, good online visibility can work wonders for the company’s overall presence. Most people will head to Google to search for local law firms. In addition to ensuring yours ranks well, you must make it visible on Maps. This will boost awareness while encouraging prospective clients to actually visit.

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Extra tip: Rather than opting for generic law firm visibility, focus on your field of expertise. Whether yours is geared towards family law business issues or something else doesn’t matter. That specific direction can make all the difference.

First impressions

In truth, it may take some time for your law firm to win a new contract. Conversely, though, you could scupper any chances simply by making a bad first impression. In today’s digital world, not having an online presence can make the company seem small, amateurish, and even untrustworthy. Worse still, a negative appearance can cause even more damage.

A professional appearance is vital, and web design specifically for firms in the law arena is key. Not only does it set the right tone, but it also ensures that the site provides all the necessary info. When coupled with good social media, including images with the right dimensions, most clients respond well.

Extra tip: An educational and entertaining blog highlights an understanding of law practices. Moreover, it gives clients the feeling that they are getting free value before they’ve even picked a service. If nothing else, the display of passion is positive too.


Strong communication and transparency are at the core of all business matters, even medical ones. For a client of legal support, this can often be the most important aspect throughout the process. In today’s hectic world, fact-to-face interactions aren’t always possible. The internet provides a very good substitute, though, allowing for updates along every step of the journey.

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Live chat facilities and email streams can establish positive bonds before clients have even met an attorney in person. Likewise, a receptionist can generate a professional feeling and show that the company will be available at all times. Establishing the bond at the earliest stage possible will maximize conversion rates too.

Extra tip: Even if the firm is still in its infancy, it can provide winning client care. An automated call redirection service enables you to offer telephone support with a professional vibe. While not technically an online link, it’s still a form of tech communication.


Information about the firm will be available online, even if it isn’t from internal sources. The chances of that data being wrong are greatly increased when it comes from external platforms. As such, it makes sense for all law firms to upload this data themselves. Otherwise, the mismatch of info could have alarm bells ringing for prospective clients.

More worryingly, a business without an online status is more vulnerable to libellous info and fake negative comments. A strong web presence allows the firm to correct inaccuracies and challenge bad reviews. In turn, this can go a long way to ensuring clients see a fair reflection of the company and its services.

Extra tip: Accurate information doesn’t only fight the negativity. Firms with online authority can also get past clients to leave positive remarks to help spread the word. Power of recommendation is vital in such an important field like this.

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The verdict

An online presence may feel like an external luxury. In today’s climate, though, it is a necessity for all law firms. Without it, an ongoing struggle is inevitable.

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