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Finance Friday: 18 February 2011

$100 bills in a circle (


Here are recent angel and venture finance transactions for science- and engineering-based companies, as reported by Xconomy and elsewhere.

Biomedical/Life Sciences

Rosetta Genomics Ltd. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. MicroRNA-based molecular diagnostics. $6.0 million, equity.

Versartis in Mountain View, California. Protein drugs for endocrine disorders. $21 million in Series B equity financing.

Ivivi Health Sciences in San Francisco, California. Devices for reducing post-operative pain and swelling. $4 million in new capital and conversion of a $5.5 million bridge loan into an equity stake.

CalciMedica in San Diego, California. Biotechnology, drugs for psoriasis. $6 million in venture financing.

Conatus Pharmaceuticals in San Diego, California. Drugs for liver disease and cancers. $20 million, equity.

Marina Biotech in Bothell, Washington. $5.1 million in a stock offering.

Energy and Environment

Ze-Gen, in Boston, Massachusetts. Technology for converting solid waste into gas for power plants. $8 million, equity.

Calisolar in Sunnyvale, California. Technology for purifying silicon in solar cells. $8 million in debt, options, and securities.

Brightsource Energy in Oakland, California. Solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert. $89.55 million in new equity financing.

Engineering and Electronics

EcoATM in San Diego, California. Automated kiosks for recycling cell phones and other devices. $14.4 million in preferred equity and venture debt financing.

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