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Are You Overlooking These Security Issues?

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24 January 2018. When you run a business, you need to constantly think about security. It’s no secret that issues with security have actually risen over the past few years and this is likely due to the rise of cybercrime. Cybercrime can put business owners in a tricky situation where they often struggle to protect their company. And, it’s not just the company assets that the hackers are going after. Hackers are eager and often find a way to target the customers more than the business itself. They can steal data, siphoning off TBs that could give them the power to claim millions from customers of large and small companies.

Is there a way to avoid this? Well, you need to think about the issues with security that you are missing and that could ultimately leave your business vulnerable.

Files erased

File eraser graphic


When you delete something from your computer, you probably think it’s gone for good. As soon as you clean out the recycle button, you may, at least for a moment, feel a little more secure. But should you? Actually, a skilled hacker can get data from a computer whether it’s been deleted or not. There’s a way to ask past versions of files. That means you can access them before a file was erased and grab it. This is why even after you delete a file the memory on the computer doesn’t go down as much as you’d think. The file is still somewhere on the drive in an encrypted format. It’s very easy to recover if you know how. Now, this could be a good thing because it means that you can recover deleted files without too much effort. However, it also suggests that unless you are destroying your hard drive correctly, you could always be leaving personal data completely vulnerable.

Trouble with the tech


(JEShoots, Pixabay)

Be aware that recently several tech companies including Apple and AMD have admitted that their technology has vulnerabilities that leave them exposed to hacks and thefts. Microsoft is also facing a particular problem with a certain piece of software that can slip through security undetected. How do you fix this issue? Well, you need to make sure that you have as much security on your machines as possible and don’t just settle for the standard anti-virus software. While this can prove to be effective, it may not provide the full level of security necessary to prevent an attack. For this, you will need to think about investing in software that makes it more difficult for hackers to slip through undetected.

Get on the cloud

Cloud graphic


Lastly, you do need to make sure that you are storing personal data and in particular data related to finances on the cloud. If you don’t do this, then you are using a lower form of security than what is currently available on the market. Experts agree that while cloud servers are still vulnerable, they are currently the best form of security that you can get for your files today and far more effective than a basic hard drive.

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