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Surprising Health Benefits When You Play Video Games

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31 January 2018. You may hear about how video games are making people ill, and that they are very unhealthy. There are also people that say video games need to be kept to a minimum, and although there are some negatives to playing video games, there is no doubt that there are tons of surprising health benefits as well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into playing Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy 15 or even Nintendogs, because the benefits apply across the board and it has never been easier to get started.

Video game controllers

(, Pexels)

Dyslexic tendencies

If you suffer from dyslexia then there is some good news here. Video games have been known to help people to overcome their mental disability. It is a known fact that dyslexia is not fully understood and even though there are some theories out there, it is not known what causes it. When you play video games, you will find that the scenes are always changing and that you need to read the instructions that come up with the voices as well. You also have to follow the instructions as well, and even children’s games have this as well. Games can help you focus so intently that the brain is forced to change the way that it is made up, and this is a great benefit if you suffer from dyslexia.

Vision and sight

There is an old saying, that if you sit too close to the TV then your eyes will go square and that your vision will be completely impaired. It is a good idea for you to not sit too close to the TV in any given situation, but there are a couple of theories out there that suggest that gaming can improve your vision. Your mind is forced to look at the details on the screen, the shades of color and even the writing. When you are walking on the game, or moving, your eyes will be forced to adjust to the smaller details and even those who have lazy eyes have shown a remarkable improvement after playing video games. The eyes are surrounded by muscles, so by strengthening these muscles and by making them work harder, you can be sure to get the best result out of your gaming experience.

Video game controller

(Anthony, Pexels)

Physical benefits

Computers really have come a long way since they were invented. There was a point where children would have to sit and spend hours to try and get to the end of a mission. Computer games nowadays have a very physical aspect and a lot of them require you to dance around the room. This can help you to get fit and it can also improve your posture. It gives you a reason to get fit without ever having to leave the house and you can even get the motivation to go out there and try a sport as well. For example, if you play a tennis game on your phone or even a console, this can encourage you to go out there and try tennis for the very first time. You can even get to know the rules by playing the game as well, so there is no additional pressure when you arrive on the court.

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