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Six Things Every Business Should Do Now To Improve Security

– Contributed content –

31 January 2018. Are you taking the security of your business as seriously as possible? We’ve already posted an article on this site talking about the various security issues you might be overlooking. Today, we want to advance that and speak about certain things and processes you need to do right now to improve the overall security of your company. This includes data security, general security, and any other type of security you can think of.

So, settle in, read the content, and then apply all the advice to your business if you’re not already doing the things that are mentioned!

Cloud computing graphic

(Jane Boyko, Flickr)

Backup your data

Under no circumstances should anyone rely on one device to hold all their data. Too many companies will save files on their work PC’s and nowhere else. Or, they’ll save everything to a server in their office building. If anything, the second idea is worse than the first because it lures you into a false sense of security. You think all your files are nice and safe on a server, but they can easily get broken into or destroyed. What if someone breaks into your building and sets fire to the server room? That’s all your data gone in a matter of minutes.

Instead, you need to have secure and safe backup options. Storing things on an external hard drive or USB stick is a great idea. But, the main thing you should do is upload data to the cloud. Cloud storage has been talked about before on this site, and we’re all for it. Your files are stored online, meaning you can access them anywhere, and there’s no threat that they’ll be destroyed. So, if you’re the unluckiest entrepreneur on the planet and your computer breaks down, followed by your USB stick, then don’t worry, all your stuff is still safe in the cloud!

Set-up a firewall with antivirus protection

This is something that every business should already be doing. In fact, it’s one of the first things you should do whenever you set up a network or start working on a computer. With a firewall and antivirus protection, you keep devices clear of any threats. Or, more accurately, you become aware of the threats and kill them right away. You will find many companies out there like Truewater that can assess your firewall/antivirus software and make it more secure. It’s always worth getting professional opinions on your software, as you’ll be surprised at how bad it could be. Your company may think it’s safe from viruses, but some could be leaking through thanks to poor firewall software. Get it checked out, and ask for recommendations from the experts.

Digital hand

(Kai Stachowiak, Public Domain Pictures)

Encrypt your files

Encrypting your files essentially means you protect them with a password of sorts. This stops people from going on your computer and pouring through all of your files. You can also protect sensitive files in the cloud with passwords too. This is so important as you ensure the right people see the right files. It’s good to be paranoid as a business owner, you never know when one of your employees might leave and pass on your secrets to a rival business. They can easily access files, look at sensitive documents, and tell the world about what they’ve seen. Especially if they’re a disgruntled employee that’s just been let go.

But, with encryption, people are required to know passwords before they can access certain files. So, if they want to open a top secret file, then they have to ask you for the password. It’s also very handy if you have a USB stick or hard drive and you lose it somewhere. If you leave this device without any encryption, then anyway can find it, plug it into their laptop, and download all the data on it. Start protecting your data right this instant with encryption!

Change your passwords

We can be very lazy when it comes to passwords for things. We choose convenient words and phrases that mean something to us so we can remember them easily. This is not smart, and certainly not secure! Instead, you need to change your passwords, so they’re as random as possible. If you’re worried about not remembering them – don’t be! There are companies like Dashlane with password management software that keeps your passwords securely hidden away for you to see whenever you need them. Now, it will be almost impossible for people to guess your passwords and gain access to private things. Don’t keep the same passwords for longer than a few months either. The more often you change them, the more secure your business will be.

Update graphic

(Gerd Altmann, Pixabay)

Update your software

Software updates seem tedious, but they’re there for a good reason. When your software updates, it becomes better and more secure. Developers release these updates to counter minor issues with the software, or just to make the software more efficient. If an application your business uses isn’t updated, then you could be at risk. Who knows, the update may tackle a security issue that can easily be exploited. It patches it up, keeping everyone nice and protected. If you avoid the update, then you avoid the patch, and the security threat remains. It may take a long time to update your software, but it’s so worth it.

Upgrade your locks

It’s all well and good doing all this stuff to improve the IT security in your business, but what about your actual premises? No matter where you work, whether it’s an office or from home, you can do one simple thing; upgrade your locks. Change your door locks, so they’re now key-code locks or fingerprint scanning locks. This makes it harder for people to break in as they need more than just a key. Ensure you lock your windows too, so people can’t easily open them and break in.

How many of these things do you currently do? If the answer is ‘not many’ then you need to buck your ideas up. Security is so important, and you can’t take it lightly. The more secure your business is, the more successful it can be. There will be no threats that damage your operations, leaving you to do things in peace.

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