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Tech That Will Keep Your Business Ahead Of Game In Terms Of Customer Experience

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26 February 2018. We find ourselves in an era where tech is being used to improve and augment the user experience across many fields including the commercial enterprise. In fact, with many more people accessing businesses and service online, the right tech is a vital part of ensuring their experience is both effective and positive. That means getting your tech choices right can have a big effect on the success of your business. With this in mind check out the advice below on the most important areas of tech in the commercial field to watch out for in the coming year.

AI and machine learning

The problem with the term AI, short for artificial intelligence is that too many people associate it with fictional super futuristic war computers like Skynet in Terminator, or the human-like androids in the style of I Robot, Ex Machina and many other science fiction franchises. This is, of course, a confusion between the terms intelligence and consciousness, (and fiction and reality), the former not necessarily giving rise to the latter. Something you can find out more about in the video below.

Artificial intelligence graphic

(Seanbatty, Pixabay)

However, it may still shock you to realise that AI has been around for quite a while now. In fact, aeroplane autopilots are a form of AI that has been in use for years. Although the term AI seems to fade out with time and ends up being used mainly for new development on the market!

With such factors in mind using AI and machine learning in business can seem a tad scary for both the company owners and the customers. However, it really doesn’t have to be, and in fact can be very beneficial for both.

The primary benefit in using AI is with speed, as it means things can happen a lot faster than they would if a human was in control. That means information such as automated adverts or query responses such as the ones used by robo advisors in the investment world that customers need can be activated much quicker. Something that can reduce frustration over waiting times and prevent loss of sales due to lack of information and reassurance.

It also means customers can access a wider range of complex services much more quickly, that improve the safety of their commercial experience. Including things such as using neural networks to predict possible fraud and credit decisions as described by the paper at

Hacker graphic

(Typography Images, Pixabay)

Responsive networks

Modern businesses would also be wise to ensure that they have responsive networks in place like the one’s offer, in the near future. The reason being that these can seriously improve the customer experience in a variety of ways.

Network graphic

(The Digital Artist, Pixabay)

One advantage of such a network is that a company can proactively monitor the reliability of the online network. Something that can vastly improve the customer’s experience because issues are identified and so can be resolved before they have even started to inconvenience users.

Also, responsive networks like this can simplify network management, making your businesses online presence much easier to control and regulate, no matter how complex and personalized you make it for each customer. That means such a network can improve things at both the customer-facing side and back end of things, making it a very worthwhile innovation to consider for your business.

AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have many applications in improving your customer’s experience, and with it the satisfaction level they have with your businesses.

In particular, AR something you learn about at is already being used to test how products being sold online would look in an individual user’s home setting. This allows the user to get a realistic idea of what they are buying and whether it will be fit for purpose without ever having to see the product in real life. A major issue that many online retailers struggle with, and something that can cause a lot of returns and unnecessarily hassle for both the customer and the business involved.

VR headset

(Hammer and Tusk, Pixabay)

VR, on the other hand, isn’t in use quite as much as AR at the moment. Although the applications for such a development in the commercial world seem to be almost endless. After all, VR could easily be used to deliver services content like advice, health care, and education on face to face basis in the virtual world just like the school systems in the popular novel, Ready Player One suggests.

Obviously, the satisfaction level of customers could skyrocket if they no longer need to travel to access these important services. Something that therefore makes VR applications like the ones discusses at a potentially crucial development that smart businesses will have their eye on in the coming years.

Productivity monitoring

Last, of all, another development in the tech field that can make a huge difference regarding positive customer experience is productivity monitoring software. See for a review of the versions currently on the market. This is a service that can help link a supervisor to all of their team, and assist them in monitoring in real time how they are performing on the shop floor.

It works by loading the software onto smartphones or other commercial devices such as tablets or readers that employees use in the everyday tasks. Then buttons either real or virtual are placed at key locations around the business, and these allow customers to give instant feedback on how they are finding their experience.

This information is then transmitted via the software to the supervisor’s app, and they can then keep track of who is performing well and who is struggling. They can also contact each individual user and offer advice and encouragement to maintain a level of high motivation through the shift.

Feedback graphic

(TKaucic, Pixabay)

Of course in the future, it is likely that we will see fully online versions of this system as well as ones in the real world. Something that provides a massive opportunity for a business to improve their customers’ experience by using the right tech.

In summary, the right tech choices definitely have value in improving customer experience. Something that companies wishing to be successful will take note of and hopefully adopt in the day to day running of their businesses. After all, happy customers usually mean good profits, and that is the bottom line that just can’t be ignored in any commercial enterprise.

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