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Science Of Logistics, And How It Can Improve Your Business

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Logistics graphic

(Gerd Altmann, Pixabay)

28 February 2018.  Grasp the science of logistics, and you can improve your business.

While some businesses have eliminated the need to use logistics completely by providing their products or services in a fully digitized and instant way, the vast majority still need to get items from A to B successfully and within a decent time. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to know everything you can about the science and the new developments in logistics so that you can improve this aspect of your business for maximum performance. Read on for some more information.


One way that logistics has changed radically in the last few year is regarding the availability of tracking information that is accurate and instantly accessible. This is primarily due to advancements in use of visual codes and readers that allow fast scanning and so better tracking of items as they arrive or leave a depot.

QR codes graphic

(OpenClipart-Vectors, Pixabay)

Some companies use QR codes for this, while others stick with the more traditional barcode system. However both have needed digital readers to log and track items, and one of the newest developments in this area is the use of Smartphone for this task.

What this means is that business no longer has to invest in expensive hardware, and can instead get employees to use their phones at work. To do this, they install secure software that lets them easily track and manage information about logistics on their Smartphone. Something that means this type of accurate tracking is available to a much wider market of smaller business than before.


The funny thing about logistics is that is it based on a scientific model, but has to work in the real world. The real world, as we know is an open system with many variables acting at the same time, which means making accurate predictions is very difficult.

Winter driving scene

(Kent Dufault, Pixabay)

This has traditionally been a real problem for the logistics industry. Especially in term of the weather as changes such as snow, rain, or high winds can seriously affect delivery times and endanger any shipping guarantees that the company has put in place.

Luckily, science has the answer here, and it’s all about using the skills and talent of meteorologists combined with weather sensors in the real. These two factors in tandem are used to create a more accurate prediction of what the weather will do and the effect that this will have on delivery times. Something that can help to improve the whole system and ensure customer’s expectations are managed successfully.

Airplane in winter

(Pexels, Pixabay)

In fact, companies like UPS often have five full-time meteorologists working for them on a daily basis. Their planes also come with the sensors attached, which means they can collect data in real time and use this to inform their logistics process as a whole. Something that means business using logistics providers can ensure that their customers receive their good exactly when they are promised them. Therefore, improving their perception of that individual business and increasing the likelihood of earning repeat sales from happy customers.


Of course, developments in communications also has a major impact on the field of logistics as well. In one way this makes things much easier because the information that is so vital for effective delivery can be shared much faster and collated and understood much quicker. Something that allows regular updates to happen and meaning changes in deliveries can be dealt with more effectively.

However, there is one area in which communication can cause problems regarding logistics, and this is online. Specifically on review sites and social media when clients are making complaints that they’re items have not been received within the specified time.

This can be such as problem because if there are enough negative reviews, it can cause customers to choose companies that partner with a reliable logistics firm to make their purchase with. Something that means your business can lose out on sales for an issue that is not directly under your control.

That means when choosing a logistics company to work with, the price should not be the only fact that you consider. Instead always make sure that you check their reliability record and customer satisfaction rating as well.

Fulfillment services

An additional development in the field of logistics that can be of use to many businesses is a fulfillment service. This is when a company can source and arrange the shipment of items for you from another country.

The benefit of this is that products made abroad can be significantly cheaper than ones manufactured here. This means you can increase your profits when you resell the products, and so it can be very good for business.

Shipping containers

(Hessel Visser, Pixabay)

However, if you chose to use this sort of service, it is vital that you pick one like Leeline Sourcing that has a reliable reputation and does quality checks on the products themselves. Otherwise, you can end up being supplied with items that don’t resemble what is actually being ordered. Something that is bound to cause problems with your customers and endanger the success of your business as a whole.

Next and same day delivery

Fast delivery times is something that many customers have come to expect. Due primarily to Amazon, the field leader in this area. In fact, people are often willing to pay a premium to get their items quicker.

Happily, this is something that you can use to increase sales and profits in your business. This is because many logistics firms offer next delivery options, so as long as your customers don’t mind paying a little extra, this is service you can easily provide.

You can even offer free next day delivery and add the price of this to the product itself. Something that probably won’t make too much of an impact if it is a high-value item. After all, if someone is spending hundreds on a home music system, such a small price addition will seem like nothing if they can get their purchase right away!

In summary, then, there are many ways that recent developments in logistics can help you improve your business. These include providing better tracking to keep customers informed of the whereabouts of their items. The use of tech that can monitor the weather and so help you give a more accurate prediction of delivery date to your clients, and even faster and more convenient delivery services. Ones that enable you to get your products from A to B much quicker and improve customer satisfaction with the service you provide.

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