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  • A solid majority of Americans express at least some doubts about biometrics for accessing computers, this weekend's…
    about 16 hours ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Infographic – Americans Leery of Biometrics #Science #Business
    about 16 hours ago
  • Thanks @innerarchitect ... A local Arlington pub, but still beer. Enjoy the weekend.
    about 18 hours ago
  • An electronic wearable device worn as a patch is designed to act like a personal heating or cooling system in uncom…
    about 1 day ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Wearable Patch Designed for Personal Warmth, Cooling #Science #Business
    about 1 day ago

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Taking a Short Break

Coffee and calendar book

(Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay)

13 March 2018. We’re taking a two-day break at Science and Enterprise, to conduct some personal business. But we’ll be back to our regular posting on Friday, 16 March. Watch for us then.

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