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Getting the Right Support to Make a Success of Your Business

– Contributed content –

16 March 2018. When it comes to setting up your own small business, it’s easy to feel extremely alone. But a lot of the time, this is self-inflicted. Think about it: most of us make the active choice to be relatively secretive when it comes to entering the world of small business ownership. There are various reasons behind this. Some of us have full time employed positions when we start nurturing our dreams of working for ourselves rather than someone else. We have to keep our plans on the low down as we develop them for fear of rocking the boat and losing our jobs before we’re quite ready to leave and start up for ourselves. Some of us have innovative ideas and product or service concepts that we want to keep quiet about them until they’re fully developed and ready for the marketplace, as we are all well aware that there are many morally questionable individuals who may take our ideas and sell them as their own.

While being secretive in these situations is the completely logical choice to make, it can become an ingrained habit, and when you apply the behavior to all areas of your business, it can actually suffer for it. Of course, we don’t think you should go about preaching your trade secrets and new product developments to the world, but you do need to find the right support to help your business flourish and grow. You can’t take everything on yourself and carry the pressure of the entire business on your back, or you won’t have sufficient time and energy left to put into pushing your company and its products or services forward. So, here are some sources of support that you really should consider making the most of!



Web development

The world of commerce and consumer services really is taking to the web, and the majority of small business owners are jumping on the bandwagon and setting up online alongside the big companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Groupon. Now, most small businesses will outsource the web design work, and web set up to third parties and freelancers, as they don’t have the time our resources to easily learn the coding that is required to create a great site themselves. However, this is generally where their call for support will end in terms of their website. However, it’s extremely important to remember that a static website with no change or updates is a stagnant website that web users will quickly grow tired of. You need to constantly update with new products that will come hand in hand with new product photographs and new product descriptions. If you were happy with the service provided with the individuals or agencies that you used first time round, you should keep their contact details and have them photograph and write up descriptions of each new collection that you launch. This will help to give your site fresh content while maintaining consistency in both aesthetics and style.

Another important thing to remember is that your website needs to always be maintained. If it crashes, you’re bound to lose numerous sales and visits, as traffic will be trying to make its way through, only to reach error and 404 pages. Customers will only try to refresh so many times and usually their patience will last less than a minute before closing the tab or browser and looking for what you sell from a different supplier. Magento Support Services can provide you with timely and ongoing support that will make a profound difference. Consider using them if you currently have issues with your eCommerce store that aren’t resolved within twenty-four hours, have slow loading times, haven’t had your site optimized recently, are experiencing low conversion rates, or have experienced security issues with your site that might pose a threat to your clients’ trust.

Window washer


Commercial Property Maintenance

If you have commercial property running alongside your online presence, you will quickly grow to understand that it really does require high levels of maintenance to keep fresh, clean, and presentable. So many small business owners believe that they can keep on top of this themselves or palm cleaning duties off on their members of staff.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that it’s not really your staff members’ responsibility to be carrying out tasks such as cleaning. While they’re vacuuming the floors, dusting, polishing, or emptying trash cans, there really are more progressive and money making things that they could be doing while you’re paying them. You also, however, don’t want to take on full responsibility for this yourself. You have other areas to be focusing on too! So, you really should consider calling in professional cleaners to keep your commercial property up to scratch. Chances are that one full-time cleaner will not be able to complete all tasks to a high standard. Instead, consider calling on individuals who specialize in particular tasks on a freelance basis. This means that you can have window cleaners in to keep your windows streak free and clear as and when you need. You can also have gardeners or landscapers come in as and when required to trim back hedges, mow lawns, and pull weeds. The one member of staff you might want to have on a more regular basis would be someone who carries out more daily tasks such as polishing, dusting, cleaning the staff toilets, and mopping up spills.

These are just two areas of support for you to consider for the moment. But if you try them out, you’ll realise just how much time they free up for you to focus elsewhere. Some business owners feel like they are showing signs of weakness or falling below par when they ask for a helping hand, but this isn’t true. You need to focus your efforts on areas that will push your company forward and turn over more profit. How could you possibly do this if you’re spending all of your time fixing your website and carrying out cleaning tasks around the office? So, accept support for the sake of your business!

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