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Could Your Business Benefit from an Electrical Upgrade?

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Installed lighting

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15 May 2018. When you run a busy manufacturing business, energy is important to keep on operating and stay safe. You might have power tools with high energy consumption or an outdated electrical system that no longer serves you. Improving your workers’ safety and working conditions will help you decide whether your workshop could benefit from an electrical upgrade.

Energy consumption

If you are losing energy and keep on paying too much for your electricity, you might need to get an electrical assessment and an energy survey to find out if upgrading would provide you any benefits. An assessment will take into consideration the energy consumption of the different heaters, air conditioners, and power tools, as well as heavy machinery and help you optimize the layout for the best performance. You might need to upgrade some of your machines and devices, but it will pay off long term.

Accidents and safety

It is also important that you prevent accidents in the workplace. A power surge or a damaged cable can cause electrical fire. Your company will be fined, lose business and money, and might face a compensation claim from the employees. It is important that you don’t only get your electrical systems tested, but also the wiring. You might consider heat shrink tubing for your cables for better protection and safety.


(Moody Air force Base)

Power need

Your old power outlets might not be able to deal with the increased energy demand of your workshop, and this can cause fuse problems in the best case scenario, and power outages in the worst case. If you want to avoid downtime and loss of productivity, you might need to talk to an electrician who can give you recommendations on improvements.


You want to keep your employees happy and content. If there are wires and cables hanging everywhere, your workplace will always have an industrial feel. At the same time, the better you can hide your equipment and wiring the safer your workplace will be. Make sure that you are properly insulating all the cables and tubes, and make your workshop something your workers can be proud of every time they enter.

Increased value

Upgrading your workshop’s interior and electrical system also makes financial sense. Whether you want to install motion sensor lights to save energy or solar panels so you can save money on your bills, the investment will pay off eventually. You can increase the value of your workplace, and – when you move on or rent it out – get more for your bucks. An efficient, correctly wired and regularly checked electrical system at the workplace can improve the perceived value of your company as well as the real estate.

Sometimes business owners forget about the importance of regularly checking whether or not their electrical system still suits their business needs. Upgrading your current wiring and electrical, heating, air conditioning system can benefit you and your employees alike, saving you money and making your workshop safer, more valuable, and running smoothly for years to come.

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