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Infographic – Cloning Gains More U.S. Support

Acceptability of cloning

Click on chart for full-size view (Statista)

10 June 2018. Genomics is a major story we follow at Science & Enterprise, but we do not often report on moral or ethical concerns surrounding research on the genome, either in animals or humans. Thus, we’re indebted to our friends at Statista who published a chart this week showing that the American public increasing supports the idea of genetic cloning, and this weekend’s infographic.

Although still a minority, about 4 in 10 of those polled by the Gallup organization in May of 2018 say they find the cloning of animals morally acceptable, a marked increase from 2010 and 2002, when about 3 in 10 believed cloning of animals was acceptable. But also in 2018, a majority (57%) of Americans still finds cloning animals morally wrong. In addition, cloning of humans is deemed acceptable today by a only small percentage of Americans, 16 percent, and that’s about double the 7 percent recorded in 2002.

Regular editorial posting on Science & Enterprise resumes tomorrow.

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