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Infographic – Amazon’s Largest Acquisitions

7 July 2018. The recent acquisition of online pharmacy PillPack by Amazon highlights the view of a number of observers — including myself — that the tech industry is a growing influence in health care, with growing opportunities for disrupting that industry as well. Our friends at CB Insights put together a chart showing Amazon’s largest acquisitions in dollar value, this weekend’s infographic.

Acquisitions by amazon

Corporate acquisitions by Amazon. Click on chart for full-size view (CB Insights)

A tally by CB Insights shows Amazon made 10 acquisitions in 2017, with only 3 acquisitions so far this year, including PillPack. But each of the acquisitions this year is valued at more than $1 billion, including PillPack at $1.8 billion. The biggest acquisition for Amazon is still Whole Foods, purchased last year for $13.7 billion.

While Amazon is best known as an online retailer, Amazon Web Services is a major player in heavy-duty cloud computing, used extensively for big data analytics, such as in precision medicine. See the links below for examples.

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