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Don’t Fall for These Common Business Tech Events

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12 July 2018. Every business needs to use some type of technology. Whether you start off with a single computer or you immediately have a large collection of sophisticated equipment, you need to be able to manage the tech that your business needs. Many businesses, both new and established, can experience various problems where technology is concerned. Mistakes are easy to make if you don’t know much about technology. Fortunately, they’re also easy to avoid, if you know what to be aware of. Read the advice below if you want to avoid making some of the biggest tech mistakes that businesses fall for.

Not having a plan

You should always have a plan for doing anything. You might not know exactly what your business will look like in the future, but you should have an idea of what you want it to look like. And if you have a plan for your business’s growth, you should also have a plan for the growth of your IT infrastructure. You’re going to need the appropriate technology to support your growing business. You might start off with a single computer, but you’re soon going to need more. When you create a plan for growth, don’t forget to consider technology and its role in your business.

Not having any tech support

You might think that you don’t have much of a need for tech support. However, as your company grows, it’s going to get more and more important. Even while your business is small, you can still benefit from some technical support. What happens when your one computer goes wrong? What if your internet connection isn’t working? Some technical support might be available from a current service provider or a retailer you bought a product from. If your company is small, you can get support from a care and support package for particular hardware or software. As you grow, there are scalable support options available for your IT.

Not ensuring adequate security

Security is vital when it comes to protecting your business technology. But too many businesses can be lax about keeping their technology secure. You might think you’re maintaining good security, but you might not be doing as good a job as you thought. It’s essential to have the right protection against viruses and cybercrime. It’s also important to keep everything up to date. If you install all the right measures but then neglect them, they won’t remain effective. Any security incidents could end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you don’t protect customer information properly.

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(Gournbik, Pixabay)

Thinking that all website design is the same

A website is an essential part of any business’s online marketing strategy. Some companies start by building a small site themselves, but they quickly discover that they need something more. If you decide that you need to find a website designee, you need to brush up on your knowledge about web design and development. It’s a good idea to know the UI and UX difference so that you can find the right person to build your website. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all website designers will do everything that you need. Some specialize in creating the right look for your site, while others focus on its function. Some will do both but not all of them do.

Getting all the shiny tech

It’s very tempting to try and get all of the cool tech for your company. Maybe you’re aiming to be modern and up-to-date, and you want to get ahead of your competitors. But you can’t spend all your money on technology that might not even end up being as useful as you hoped. There’s no need to constantly get the new thing. That’s an expensive way to manage your tech, and it could mean that you spend half your time implementing new tools. Before you buy anything new, you need to consider the costs and benefits of doing it. Are you going to have to spend lots of time training your staff to use a new tool? How will it really benefit your company in terms of productivity, profit and other important factors?

Concentrating too much on software

Choosing the right software is important. However, it’s important not to neglect hardware when you’re thinking about your business technology. You could have some fancy software, but it’s not going to work well for you if your hardware is inadequate. Having the right hardware can often be more beneficial if you want to get things done faster and smoother. Before you consider any new software, think about whether updating your hardware could offer you the most benefits.

Failing to train staff

Whenever you add new technology to your business, you need to make sure everyone can use it. If you don’t train your staff, you might as well not bother implementing any new technology. It can take time and money, but you need to make sure that the relevant people know how to use any new tools. When you’re deciding whether to invest in anything new, the usability is vital to consider. Your employees need to be able to learn how to use new technology without too much trouble. The more they need to learn, the more time and money it will cost you to implement.

Thinking you can do it all yourself

You should make sure that you seek out help for various aspects of your business technology. Many people assume that they can do all or most things themselves, when it might not be that easy. Even if you have the technical knowledge to do a lot of tasks yourself, you probably don’t have the time. If you want to concentrate on growing your business, you can’t spend too much time sorting out technical issues. Get someone else to do the busy work so that you can concentrate your energy where it’s needed most.

You can’t avoid making all mistakes, but you can know which ones are important to watch out for. Even if you do make a mistake, at least you can learn from it.

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