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Hottest New Trends In Web Design

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(Blackpool Webmasters)

8 August 2018. Want to create a website that feels modern? Web design has come on in leaps and bounds since the early days of the internet and some of the rules that once applied are no longer relevant. Here are just a few of the hottest trends being used by modern websites today.

Less text, more image

Modern websites rely heavily on giant images to draw in visitors. Walls of text that used to be found on websites have long been abandoned in exchange for small snippets of information divided into boxes or bullet points that make them more easily digestible. Blogs and news websites are an exception to this of course, although many of these sites still make heavy use of images. The best websites don’t just settle for stock images and will pay photographers and designers for unique content. This itself can help to make a website feel more individual.

Smooth animations

It’s no longer trendy to have a static website – being able to offer fun animation on your website can make it feel more alive. Of course, this doesn’t mean using cheap gifs and widgets, but instead getting a designer to create unique animations such as boxes of content that bounce as you scroll or scrolling banners of content.

Creative multimedia use

Youtube videos can be great for giving demonstrations of products or simply explaining a complex concept in a more fun way than using a block of text. VR Youtube videos are even being used to give more interactive virtual tours of locations such as hotels, real estate and college campuses. Meanwhile other companies are experimenting with other multimedia such as Soundcloud audio clips to hear how a product sounds or embedded tweets from fans used as testimonials. All this can make a website feel more flashy and modern.

Variable fonts

Some web designers are also exploring the idea of variable fonts. Rather than simply choosing between normal, bold and italic, designers are looking into the idea of multiple variations of the same font, which could allow you to keep a website within a theme while adding more variation to the text.

User customization

More control is also being placed into the hands of the user. E-commerce sites are finding new ways to display products and allow interactive personalization such as seeing how a coat looks in different sizes and colors or seeing how a furniture suite looks in your living room. This can result in a more fun and interactive user experience.

Mobile friendliness

The majority of internet users are now using their phones to surf the net. Websites must now be mobile-friendly in order to engage visitors. This means creating a mobile version that’s better suited to being viewed on a small screen with buttons that are big enough to be tapped with one’s finger. You could also link up your site with a company app, offering an easy download option for mobile users that allows access to more extensive features.

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