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Maintaining a Productive Workforce

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15 August 2018. Your employees keep your business up and running. So, it’s important that you ensure that they are as productive as possible at all times. This is easier said than done. But there are a few different ways that you can boost their output. Here are a few to consider.

Measuring productivity

If you want your employees to work consistently and to a high standard, you should actively observe them. Various studies have shown that people are more likely to do what they’re meant to be doing if they are aware that an authority figure is monitoring them. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should quite literally be watching over your employees’ shoulders at any given moment. This is actually more likely to interrupt their workflow and throw them off track, as they’ll be focussing more attention on you watching them than they will be putting into their work. But what it does mean is that you should consider tracking and charting each individual’s progress in their role?

You can do this quantitatively by working out the number of leads that they have generated, sales they have made, or contracts that they have secured. This will give both you and your employee a good overview of how their work is progressing and whether they are keeping up with the average that is expected of them. Remember to try to only use the results that you find in a positive manner. Bear in mind that there could be various professional or personal factors beyond their control that affect their progress. For example, they may be suffering from illness or other personal problems, or there might be a delay in raw materials being delivered, or the internet and phone lines may have gone down.

Rewarding achievements

If you find that a particular employee has gone above and beyond what is generally expected in their role, you should reward them. Not only will this ensure that their hard work is recognised (making them feel appreciated and valued), but it will give your other employees a push to do the same. This will result in higher levels of productivity all-round, as your whole workforce will strive to match outstanding member of staff’s achievements. There are all sorts of rewards that you can offer, but make sure that they are consistent. One member of staff shouldn’t receive more than another being rewarded. Consider options like crystal vases, certificates, or plaques.

Ensure everyone has sufficient breaks

Many employers want to get the most for their money and are thus reducing the amount or length of breaks that their employees take throughout the working day. But this isn’t necessarily the best move. Workers need a rest to be boost their energy levels. If someone is working non-stop all day, their productivity will slowly drop as time goes on. So, ensure everyone has a sufficiently long lunch break and a couple of coffee breaks throughout their shift.

These are just a few different ways to maintain a productive workforce. Incorporate the above steps into your business regimen. You really will profit from them.

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