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Cosmetic Dentistry – A Worthy Investment In 2018?

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Dental work


17 August 2018. The obsession with our smiles is going nowhere, and thanks to the growing influence of celebrities and the internet, the quest of the perfect smile is still on. From teeth whitening to smile correction, the demand for cosmetic dentistry is still very much there, and the industry is experiencing different trends and developments in technology that is keeping the market growing. Is cosmetic dentistry still worth the investment in 2018? Take a look at some of the current trends and decide for yourself.

Teeth whitening

A greater awareness of dental hygiene, as well as the desire for brighter, whiter teeth, has meant that the teeth whitening market has experienced continued growth in recent years.  The global market is predicted to reach a value of $7.4 billion by 2024, reflecting the enormity of this industry. In-clinic teeth whitening treatments continue to offer the best results compared to over-the-counter products, and with new technology becoming available all the time to practitioners, it’s safe to say that teeth whitening will continue to be an in-demand service.


Veneers have been made increasingly popular thanks to Instagram and reality TV, with celebrities being the most influential advertisement for how to achieve the perfect smile. The latest in veneer technology has meant that veneers are no longer as abrasive as they once were, making them easier and quicker to fit, while also delivering more natural results.

Veneers can be a great solution for those experiencing discoloration, misshapen teeth and other dental issues, and new technology makes it more appealing to consumers looking for a one-off fix. Dentists making the most of this technology can expect great results if they know how to market the service effectively, so a strong website presence can be an essential part of driving success in the industry.


While kids used to be put off the thought of braces, this has changed in the days of social media – where a good smile is key to feeling confident and looking good. This is also true for adults, who are now taking more interest in dental advances such as invisible braces as a way to improve their own smiles as they get older. Offering a range of cosmetic dental treatments can be big businesses for dentists, especially if you chose dental practices for sale in areas where there isn’t as much competition.

Cosmetic dentistry offers treatments that are high in price, ensuring there are profits to be made for dentists who offer these services. Improved orthodontic technology means more people are likely to consider braces at different stages of their lives, widening the market from what it was a decade ago.

While more people are paying attention to their teeth and oral health, achieving the perfect smile remains high on the priority list. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with almost guaranteed growth in the next five years, then consider looking to the cosmetic dentistry market. With plenty of opportunities for work and investment out there, why not give it some food for thought as you look out for your next successful venture.

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