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Three Technologies That Make Your Recruitment Process Easier

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19 August 2018. Technology has sculpted, changed and in many ways improved our lives over the past few decades. One place it has made a dramatic impact is in the world of business, and even quite specific tasks such as recruiting can be made quicker, easier and fairer with the use of technology. Here are three examples of tech you can utilize if you’re recruiting for your business.

Online testing

When you’re hiring a new employee, you of course want to know that they’re skilled and competent enough to handle the tasks that the role demands. Having good qualifications and experience is a start, but there’s nothing quite like seeing these things speak for themselves by passing a test you have set. Online testing can make the recruitment process much easier, you could have potential employees take a test and then instantly filter out the ones that fail. This narrows down your interview pool to the best, saving you time and money.

While of course a test isn’t everything (nerves might have got the better of them or they excel in other areas to the questions asked) then can be incredibly useful especially if your position attracts a lot of candidates. There are lots of programs and software you can use to make this process as cheap and simple as possible. Since candidates will take the test from home, there’s no need to arrange meetings and you only need to call in the ones that pass.

Video interviewing

While phone interviews have existed for a long time, video interviewing is quite different. It’s as close to a traditional interview as possible as you get to see the candidate in person, their body language and more which can help you to make a decision. Pre-recorded questions can be sent to candidates and then the footage can be watched back at a convenient time. No need for HR to arrange lots of meetings and it can generally make the recruitment process much quicker and easier.

You also have the option of conducting live video interviews. This is also something that would be useful if you plan on hiring a remote team, if the candidate doesn’t live locally (or even in the same country you’re in) you can still interview them and get a sense of their personality before taking them on.

Recruitment software

Recruitment software such as an applicant tracking system and management software can all help to organize the process making it quicker and easier as well as automate some elements completely. These kinds of programs can help you to make better decisions, improve productivity, and generally manage the whole recruitment and applicant management process as efficiently as possible. Lots of metrics can be measured in the recruitment process and using technology to track these saves you time and money during the recruitment and selection process.

Have you ever made use of any of these technologies? How are you currently recruiting employees for your business, could your methods be improved?

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