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Viewing Office Space — What Are You Forgetting?

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(Erika Wittlieb, Pixabay)

8 September 2018. You’ve got three viewings this week and are excited. Maybe this is the building which will be just right. To make sure, you’ve got a list of the things you’re looking for in a new office space. On it are the main culprits. As a boss, you’re bothered about the price per month as you don’t want to agree to something you can’t afford. Also, you want to see the scalability and the potential for growth. Every CEO wants to go to the next level.

What you’ll forget are the things which seem insignificant. However, they can be as important as the above. With that in mind, here are some fine details to remember.


“I thought this was going to be about the little things? The location is a huge deal!” Yes, that is true and you’ve probably factored it into your final decision. But, most leaders do it from a profit point of view. They want a location which raises the reputation of the brand as well as awareness. The middle of the business district instantly gives your standing a boost

What you should be thinking about are transport links and accessibility. Clients, customers and employees have to get to the offices – how are they going to fair?


Lighting is the last detail in your mind when you need to know about the logistics. The thing is the level of light in the room can impact productivity and output. Employees don’t want to work in a darkened room akin to a prison cell. They prefer a warm, open-plan office which is happy and bubbly. Light does this because it lets in UV rays which encourage the body to release mood-inducing hormones. See for more. The right number of windows can be the difference between losing the workplace and keeping everyone on board. A tip: artificial lights aren’t as effective.


Although it sounds like something out of a spy novel, it’s essential to think about poison. Not the type you’d find in a former Russian’s teacup in London, but the dormant stuff such as lead and asbestos. You might think it doesn’t exist anymore yet there’s a reason is popular. Old buildings are full of the stuff and it can be fatal if you inhale too much. Always check for archaic materials that have no place in 21st-century offices. If you find out after signing the lease, then speak to the landlord or a lawyer.


Are there any planned construction works in the pipeline? It’s an unusual question but one you need to keep in mind. Tearing up the asphalt can cause chaos as it drives foot traffic away and negates using your building as a marketing tool. Plus, it drives workers mad and stops them from working. Also, it makes it hard to access the building due to the diversions. You don’t have to pull out altogether, but you might want to hold off until the work is over to avoid downtime.

Aren’t these things which will make a difference to your decision?

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