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Homemade or Pro — Ways to Make a Logo

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Logo designer

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24 September 2018. You don’t need to be in business for very long to understand the importance of a good logo. This is one of the few features which can’t change as you grow, maintaining the need for the same level of professionalism from your earliest days right up until you’re much larger. Achieving this by yourself is something which a lot of business owners struggle to do, with a lot of companies using emblems and motifs which will eventually make them feel embarrassed, sparking the need for change. To help you out with your design, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to have it made, with a focus on doing it all yourself.

From scratch: Unless you’ve spent a lot of time using software like Adobe Illustrator, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have all of the skills you’ll need to make a logo using traditional means. Instead, if you’d like to go down this route, it can be a better idea to think out of the box. By drawing your ideas on paper, you will have something which you can photograph or scan into your computer. From here, using the graphical editing suite of your choice, you can trace it into a digital version, adding color and adapting it as you see fit. Of course, this isn’t exactly easy. But, it gives you the chance to pursue options which most people wouldn’t be able to achieve under normal conditions.

A little bit of help: Software like Illustrator isn’t the only option you have when it comes to logo design. If you don’t mind the idea of starting with help from others, there are loads of excellent tools on the market which give you the power to put together assets like logos without ever touching a pen tool or drawing a line. Easy logo designers work by giving you access to a range of resources which have already been put together. With examples like Logojoy making this process incredibly simple, this is a great way to design something for yourself, without having to invest a huge amount of time into the process.

Professional: Finally, as the best option for any business, spending a little bit of money can go a long way in a field like logo design. A low cost graphic design agency won’t charge much for their services in this area. In fact, a subscription to a piece of software like Illustrator can often cost significantly more than what they will have on offer. You will be able to influence their work in a big way, while also ensuring that the end result is something you will be proud to have representing your business, covering all of the important aspects of a quality logo. As one of the best parts of an option like this, though, it will take far less time to have someone who knows what they are doing working on this part of your business.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get on with the imagery which will be used to show off your company. A lot of people struggle for a long time to get this right, even with all of the tools available to make it easier.

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