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Designing Your Business Office For Productivity

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29 September 2018. If there is one thing that every business owner wants for their business, it’s productivity. The thing is, most people don’t know what that means. Productivity means doing the best job possible in the best time frame in the most efficient way, while keeping all employees happy and healthy along the way. A business should create the opportunities for its staff to be productive and motivated, and a staff that are working in a closed, uncomfortable or unsuitable work environment are not going to be productive or motivated.

The flipside of a motivated workforce is a healthy one. Unhealthy, frequently absent staff are not productive; they’re the opposite. Productivity doesn’t always mean a full office refurbishment, either. Sometimes, it’s something as little tidying desks at the end of the day that can change the productivity levels of the workforce. So, how can you design your office space for productivity?

Ease Of access. Your workforce needs to know that they can get their work done without interruption through the day. So, you need to ensure that from phone system installation to the speed of the broadband that your business can be run in the most efficient way possible. Furniture should be ergonomic and any machinery needed for your business should be easy to use after training. Efficiency comes from simplifying company procedures.

Opportunities for movement. People need to move around and away from their desks to stay focused. Sounds backwards, really, when they need to be at their desks to work. Here’s the thing, though; everyone needs a break. Whether you have timed breaks in the workplace with a bell to remind people to get up and move, or you have a policy for movement at the desk area, you need to create those opportunities for your staff to get away from their desks and screens.

Fill with nature. People work better when they’re happy. If you’re adding nature throughout the office with vases of fresh flowers and fresh office plants, you can lift the spirits of those working for you and allow them to feel more motivated to continue in their jobs.

Gadget store. When your staff come to work, it can be tempting for them to be on smartphones and tablets that aren’t related to their jobs. If you have a policy in the workplace of no gadgets unless on break, then people are going to stay focused on their work. Efficiency comes from more than being able to access quick internet.

Daily desk dance. A policy that enables staff to leave the office with a clean desk can make a massive difference to a business. Tidy desk policies are simple and yet effective when it comes to a fresh working day. A tidy desk encourages a tidy mind, which allows staff to work better and more productively.

The key to driving people in your business is productivity and when your staff are productive, they work better and are happier for it. Create the chance for that to happen and your business will consistently stay successful.

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