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Would You Sue For Compensation If This Happened To You?

Coffee with sugar

(shixugang, Pixabay)

Personal injuries; you see the ads on television urging you to file a No Win, No Fee personal injury claim, you hear about people in the courts all of the time settling their claim, and you hear about all of the different claim stories. But, have you heard about the following? Read on to delve into some of the most unusual and famous personal injury claims today.

“The coffee was too hot”

In 1992, a woman in America spilled a coffee over herself whilst at a fast food restaurant. Now, most of you will be thinking; there is no claim in this. After all, she spilled the coffee on herself. And, we all know; a personal injury claim cannot be filed as a result of your own doing.

However, in this case, the company was deemed at fault. This cup of coffee ended up costing the fast food chain $640,000 in compensation because the coffee was too hot.

The poor woman ended up spending eight days in the hospital as a result of third-degree burns. In the hospital, she underwent skin grafting, but the ordeal did not stop there. She needed medical treatment for a full two years and actually lost 20 lbs in weight.

Initially, the lady had only asked for $20,000 in order to cover her medical fees. But the fast-food chain offered a mere $800, and in the end, they paid the price because they ended up forking out eight times as much as this.

If there was ever a case that showcased why professional legal aid, like the services offered by Hupy and Abraham, was so important, this is the one. Without it, the woman may have ended up settling for a measly sum. Instead, she got $640,000.

“A sign fell on my head”

This is a personal injury claim that has caused a lot of trouble for Bret Michaels. Michaels is a rock musician and the former frontman for ‘Poison’.

Michaels was presenting an award show several years ago when a big sign fell on top of him. He ended up with a bad head and face injuries, but the knock-on effects were a lot worse. A year after the ordeal, he suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital.

This incident nearly cost the musician his life. There was extensive bleeding near the brain. Michaels is now suing the company who produced the awards. This is a case that has been given a lot of media attention and the case was settled without the amount being made public.

“He drove off”

We see this happen on television and cartoon shows all the time, but one man had the lack of fortune to experience it himself.

One man was minding his own business and doing his daily job of offloading products from the back of the truck. However, his partner failed to realize this and hopped into the vehicle and began to drive off.

The man who was at the back of the truck ended up falling out of the vehicle while it was moving. All the while, the man in the front was completely oblivious. Good on television; bad in real life!

So there you have it; three of the most famous and unusual types of personal injury claims today.

Editor’s note: The opinions in this post are the contributor’s and not those of Science & Enterprise.

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