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  • A biomedical engineering team devised techniques using a gel to produce more engineered T-cells, which in lab mice…
    about 28 mins ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Gel Boosts T-Cells for Cancer Treatments #Science #Business
    about 31 mins ago
  • An engineering lab developed a system with wearable sensors and machine learning to detect periods of medication in…
    about 20 hours ago
  • New post on Science and Enterprise: Sensors, Algorithm Personalize Parkinson’s Therapy #Science #Business
    about 20 hours ago
  • Researchers in the U.S. and China designed a hydrogel patch that in lab animals reduces the damage to heart muscle…
    about 1 day ago

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Travel Days

Airplane at gate

(A. Kotok)

25 Oct. 2018. We’ll be away for a couple of days, at university meetings. For today and tomorrow, we will post contributed stories, but continue with an infographic this weekend and our regular editorial posts on Monday, 29 October.

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