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Infographic – Top U.S. Cyber Crimes

Chart: top cyber crimes

Click on image for full-size view (IC3, Statista)

28 Oct. 2018. We report occasionally at Science & Enterprise on new cybersecurity technologies and related issues where remote computing is used, such as data security with telemedicine and mobile apps in health care. Earlier this week, our friends at Statista reported on a study by the Internet Crime Complaint Center or IC3 that tracks cyber crimes in the U.S., our infographic for this weekend.

The findings show, from data in 2017, the top cyber crimes affect individual users, rather than the headline-grabbing mass data breaches or those affecting national security. By far, the most frequent cyber crime is non-payment of money owed or non-delivery of goods promised to individuals from transactions over the Internet, with more than 84,000 recorded last year. Another 31,000 people said their online accounts were hacked, while more than 25,000 reported cases of phishing or pharming, use of e-mail or phony web sites respectively to get individuals to divulge personal information, such as account numbers.

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